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Facebook Marketing Hacks for Travel Agents to Instantly Increase Your Reach

Tips and tricks for maximizing Facebook marketing for travel agents in quick and easy ways to get maximum reach.
Instagram growth hacks for travel agents

At Wanderlust Social, we are all about providing you with efficient processes to get results fasts. Keep reading to learn all about our tips and tricks for maximizing Facebook marketing for travel agents in a quick way to get maximum reach.

Facebook Marketing for Travel Agents

Tip #1: Optimize your Facebook Page

Being a user is not the same as being a business owner on Facebook, it takes an entirely different skill set. One of the most important action steps to take when it comes to Facebook marketing for travel agents is to set up a business Facebook page.

To get started, first decide whether you are an individual agent or a travel agency. If you are a travel agency, a Facebook business page is an absolute MUST. A Facebook page gives your company credibility, allows people to leave reviews, and has options for you to enter business information like business hours, links for where to reach out, and so much more. Be sure to provide as much information as possible to your page visitors and use high quality images complimented by engaging posts.

Tip #2: Create a Facebook Group with Exclusive Content

Now that you’ve set up and optimized your Facebook page, consider hosting a travel themed group. Facebook groups have a completely different algorithm than a business page and allow you to reach more people. You can even list your group under your business page, showing page visitors you are able provide even more value and expertise.

To get started with your Facebook group, think about the following questions:

  • What is you niche?
  • What are you most passionate about when it comes to travel?
  • How can you provide valuable content in interesting and engaging ways?
  • How can you host the group and be a storyteller?

When creating a Facebook group, don’t forget to be the leader. Spark conversations in creative ways that keep group members active and chatting.

Tip #3: Create and Use Elevated Content

The last thing you want to do is put in all the work and have it fall flat. To prevent this from happening, use a site like ours (Wanderlust Social) to source creative materials that really set you apart in the travel industry.

We provide a variety of content materials from images, to done-for-you captions, to blog posts, and more! With an ongoing list of unique pieces that you can use and customize to promote your travel brand, your travelers will be drawn to you and your brand like never before. Remember, people interact with brands way before making a purchase, so be sure to “wow” them right from the start!

Tip #4: Stay on Brand with a Cohesive Marketing Theme

When creating content and marketing your business across a variety of platforms, it’s important to have a cohesive marketing theme. Use similar colors, fonts, imagery, and wording when promoting your offering to build credibility and stand out in the industry. Get ready to start attracting the ideal travelers you want!

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