Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy

Decide if Wanderlust Social is the right choice for you

Wanderlust Social is a library of travel marketing content, created by travel professionals for travel professionals. Our mission is to make marketing simpler and help our subscribers grow their travel businesses with carefully curated, high-converting content that can be customized to their brands.

In addition to some general travel marketing resources like image banks and hashtags, most of our content is destination, theme, or season-specific. We group this content into bundles that customers can unlock, access, and download to use as their own.

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Anyone with a travel-related blog, business, agency, or passion can use our travel marketing content. While many of our resources are optimized with travel agencies in mind, this content is vast, versatile, and designed to be simple to customize and post right away. 

In addition to some general travel content for all subscribers, Wanderlust Social breaks our content down by destination, theme (such as Romance or Family Travel), or season (such as Spring or Holidays).

With every destination “bundle” you unlock, you’ll get access to a bank of images, social media captions with multiple brand voice options, blog posts written for SEO, email marketing content, destination hashtags, and some bonus content! We often include packing lists, sample itineraries, and attraction maps that can be customized to your brand in Canva. Check out our individual destination pages to see what’s included with each and to preview the content.

Yes! We want our content to work uniquely for you and your business. As a member, you’ll get credits every month to choose bundles from our archive, and have first access to our new releases 10 days before anyone else. Feel free to choose destinations you know and love for some fresh content, or maybe a destination that’s new to you for a strong start selling it.

Yes! Under our agency plans, you will choose the bundles to unlock for your team every month, and they will all be granted access to the content.

Yes, but a free Canva account is just fine! Our customizable templates are fully editable in Canva so you can tweak the colors, fonts, and logos to match your brand and give your business a professional edge.

New destinations are added every month, and new content and marketing calendars are added monthly and seasonally for members to download! Members also get early access to new destinations before anyone else.

Yes! All of the traveler resources that your clients will see are fully editable in Canva and can be customized to your brand.

For New Members

Learn to navigate Wanderlust Social

Head over to our Shop Bundles page to explore our destination bundles and see what’s included in each! Each destination bundle has a dedicated page to show you what to expect and even let you preview the travel marketing content (and download a few bonus images for free!) When you’ve chosen the bundle you want, simply add it to your cart and check out using your member credits or with a credit card.

Then, find your unlocked content in your Dashboard or your sidebar menu!

Annual subscribers will get all of their credits for the year on the date they begin their plan, and on the same date their plan automatically renews the following years.

Monthly subscribers’ plans will renew every month based on the date they subscribed. For example, if you subscribed on March 10th, your subscription will renew and you’ll be given your next credit(s) on April 10th, May 10th and so on. 

If your subscription falls on the last day of any month, then your subscription will always renew and you will always get your new credit(s) on the last day of the month from now on. For example, if you subscribed on March 31st, your subscription will renew on April 30th, May 31st, June 30th, and so on. 

To check your current credit balance, click the user icon in the top navigation, or visit your Dashboard.

All of your unlocked content and exclusive members-only perks live in your Dashboard. Click the account icon at the top of the site to access your Dashboard!

In addition to the bundles included in your subscription as a member every month, you can purchase additional bundles at any time for 20% off! No code necessary – just log into your account and the discount is automatically applied.

Check your credit balance at any time by clicking the User icon at the top of the screen or by visiting your Dashboard.

Yes! If you cancel your membership, you will still have access to all of the content you’ve unlocked, any unused credits, and your agency if you were on an agency plan.

You will NOT have access to monthly marketing calendars, bonus images, travel hashtags, or your 20% discount and early access for new bundles.

For Agency Owners

Grow your travel agency with our agency plans

When you sign up for either a Business or First Class plan, you’ll be able to create your agency when you check out. Then, you’ll see a Manage Agency icon appear in your Dashboard. This is where you can start inviting agents to your team!

Once an agent is on your team, they will automatically have access to all the content you unlock in their own dashboards! Every agent can see every destination you unlock, as soon as you unlock it. 

If you ever need to remove an agent, simply manage your agency and delete them as a member. This will automatically take your content out of their dashboard.

When your agent receives the invitation via email, have them create an account on Wanderlust Social. Be sure the email they sign up with matches the email you invited. 

If their invitation still shows on your account as Pending and they are not able to join, please submit a support ticket and our team will add them to your agency manually.

Yes! Visit your Agency page to add and remove members anytime. Removing a member from your agency will open up a new spot to add an additional member.

As the owner of an agency, you can choose what content to unlock for your agents, and every agent on your team will get the same content. 

Anyone with a Wanderlust Social account can purchase their own content at any time, so your agents can pay to unlock individual bundles on their own accounts, but can not unlock content for your agency or use your credits.

Once you purchase an agency plan, your account permanently has a set amount of licenses for all content you unlock in the future, even if you cancel your membership. This way, you and your agents can access your content forever!

This also means that any individual bundles you purchase, if you don’t have any credits, will be priced according to your agency plan.

Your agents will have access to anything you unlock on your account as the agency owner. For this reason, if you want to unlock a bundle with just a solo license for you, you’ll need to create a second Wanderlust Social account.

For Affiliates

Refer a friend and earn credit on your account

Click the User icon on the top of your screen (you must be a member and be logged in to see this) and then click Refer a Friend in the sidebar menu! This is where you’ll find your unique referral code and instructions to refer a friend. 

Your friend must not yet be a member at all – this must be their first time registering for the site.

You do not need to be on a paid membership plan to send a referral, but you must be registered on Wanderlust Social. This is so we can track your earnings, and how you will get a unique referral code.

When you refer a friend and they sign up for a paid plan, they’ll get a $10 credit to be used toward their purchase and you’ll get a $10 credit on your account! This credit can either be used to purchase bundles, or will be automatically applied to your monthly payment if you are on a monthly plan.

If you are a monthly subscriber, yes! Any credit on your account will be automatically applied to your next billing cycle.

If you are a yearly subscriber, you can use the credit when you subscribe again next year, or you can apply it to individual bundle purchases when you check out.

Non-subscribers can use their referral credit for individual bundle purchases any time.

It’s possible that your friend didn’t use your code at checkout, or that they canceled soon after subscribing. In this case, you won’t receive referral credit. 

If you believe that you should have been credited and don’t see it on your account, please submit a support ticket.