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How to Create a Lead Magnet for Travel Agencies Using a Wanderlust Social Bundle

Our travel marketing content bundles are designed to provide a quick way to create a lead magnet for travel agencies.

Wanderlust Social’s travel content bundles give you a quick and easy way to create lead magnets for travel agencies. Let’s dive in to what makes a lead magnet successful!

Use the European River Cruise Bundle to create a lead magnet for travel agencies

First off, what even is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a big part of many great travel sales funnels. Lead magnets are free marketing pieces that customers can download for free in exchange for giving you their contact information. Lead magnets provide you with an easy way to build credibility with your potential travelers and attract sales. Our travel marketing bundles are packed with valuable content for you to customize using your creative skills and unique offerings.

Now that that’s settled, let’s learn how to create a lead magnet for your travel agency using Wanderlust Social Bundles

Step #1: Draw in your travelers by providing them with valuable content

Our bundles provide a variety of ways to keep your customers curious and engaged.

With every destination bundle you unlock, you’ll get access to images, social media captions, blog posts, email content, destination hashtags, and more bonus content! Our members-only content calendars and social posts are designed to help you attract social media traffic. Looking for something more in depth? Use a blog post to drive organic traffic through SEO.

Step #2: Create your lead magnet for travel agencies

With all this content available at your fingertips, we’re sure that you’ll be able to use your creativity to create a value-packed lead magnet for your travel agency.

Use the Italy Travel Bundle to create a lead magnet for travel agencies

Let’s take a sneak peek at the pieces that you can use to create your lead magnet:

Packing Lists

  • It’s the little details that keep families coming back to you year after year. Packing lists for vacations are a simple way to elevate your client experience.


  • Give your clients a trip itinerary that will blow them away with its organization. Each template gives you a real destination itinerary planned by our team that can be customized to fit your travelers’ needs!

Attraction Maps

  • With a handful of key points on the map for your destination, informative visual maps will bring your agency’s professionalism to the next level.

Best Time to Cruise Tips & Much More Available

Pick your favorite or set up multiple pieces for your lead magnet and get ready to watch the subscribers funnel in.

Bonus Tip: Remember to tailor everything to your branding in Canva to build brand recognition and credibility!

Need tips and tricks for using Canva? Check out their tutorials or our blog post about creating custom travel marketing content in Canva.

Step #3: Create your email automation

So you’ve drawn travelers in and created your lead magnet? Now it’s time to set up your email automation.

These days, there are plenty of email marketing platforms and tools available to send out lead magnets for travel agencies. Take a look at two of our favorites:


  • MailerLite is one of the easiest to use and quickest to learn and is available at an affordable price. With basic email features for the person who doesn’t need complete customization, this platform is a great choice.


  • Flodesk is also an easy to use platform with well-designed templates that can save you time with quick customization. Rather than having different subscription options, Flodesk has one flat fee no matter your subscriber count.

No matter your platform of choice, be sure to set up your email automations work by having the first email triggering the lead magnet delivery. After that, be sure to use the two-part email sequences from your bundle to send follow up emails. By doing this, you will continue providing valuable content and convert interested customers into paying clientele.

DON’T FORGET: Automate and personalize the email when the traveler signs up for your email list to be more personable.

Step #4: Don’t forget your CTA

Your lead magnet is nothing without a strong CTA. By using Wanderlust Social templates, you are sure to build trust and strong relationships with your customers, but don’t forget to turn them into ready-to-book travelers!

Every email in your sequence should include some form of CTA. Direct them to your site home page, a blog post, or directly to your booking form, don’t forget it! Regardless of the CTA you use, your final email to your potential traveler needs to spark their interest. Leave them feeling like they’re ready and able to trust you throughout the entire process of booking their next trip.

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  1. I love this idea. I was thinking that the information you provide in these bundles would make a great booklet but now, I’ll make a lead magnet. I’ll be adding Australia soon. I’d love if you could create Kenya and South Africa in the future.

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