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"Wanderlust Social has completely transformed the way we run our marketing!"

As a small travel agency owner, for years I felt like marketing was the thing holding me back from scaling my business. My agents were never on the same page, everything looked so DIY and unprofessional, and trying to keep up with marketing was getting in the way of actual travel planning for clients. Now, it’s like our marketing is on autopilot! I can’t believe how easy Wanderlust makes their content to access, download, and edit in Canva. It takes me 30 minutes to plan a month’s worth of content now, when it used to take me hours – if I even followed through at all! I can’t imagine going back to doing everything myself. I will ALWAYS use Wanderlust’s bundle content when it comes time to market my business. 

Yes! We want our content to work uniquely for you and your business. As a member, you’ll get credits every month to choose bundles from our archive, and have first access to our new releases 10 days before anyone else. Feel free to choose destinations you know and love for some fresh content, or maybe a destination that’s new to you for a strong start selling it.

Yes! Under our agency plans, you will choose the bundles to unlock for your team every month, and they will all be granted access to the content.

Nope! Anyone with a travel-related blog, business, or passion can use our content. While many of our resources are optimized with travel agencies in mind, this content is vast, versatile, and designed to be simple to customize and post right away.

Yes, but a free Canva account is just fine! Our customizable templates are fully editable in Canva so you can tweak the colors, fonts, and logos to match your brand and give your business a professional edge.

New destinations are added every month, and new content and marketing calendars are added monthly and seasonally for members to download! Members also get early access to new destinations before anyone else.

Yes! All of the traveler resources that your clients will see are fully editable in Canva and can be customized to your brand.

In addition to the bundles included in your subscription as a member every month, you can purchase additional bundles at any time for 20% off! No code necessary – just log into your account and the discount is automatically applied.

On our Bundles page, you can click any destination. If you’ve unlocked that content, you’ll see an option to Access Your Content, where you can download the images, marketing materials, and traveler resources any time!

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