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How to Create Custom Travel Marketing Content Using Canva to Promote Your Travel Agency

Attract travelers to your agency through easily customizable travel marketing content for Canva from Wanderlust Social.

At Wanderlust Social, our mission is to make marketing simpler and help our subscribers grow their travel businesses with carefully curated, high-converting travel marketing content that can be customized to their brands in Canva.

Romance Travel Marketing Content Canva Bundle

So why choose Wanderlust? Simple…

We create done-for-you content to promote your travel business

Our done-for-you travel marketing content can easily be customized to your brand through Canva. Every Wanderlust Social bundle includes curated images, sample itineraries, captions, blog posts and more. We created these resources for you to share with your travelers and promote your offerings in creative ways.

Quick Tip! Use a Canva Pro account to get the full experience of customizing content to match your branding!

Make travel marketing easy for you to create and your travelers to digest

Our travel marketing content provides an amazing (and easy) way to grow your travel business.

Custom travel marketing content made in Canva is a quick and simple way to create travel lead magnets. Part of many great travel sales funnels is a lead magnet. Use your customized templates as marketing pieces to provide to your travel leads in exchange for their contact information. This is a great way to build credibility for your brand and grow your email list – all the while allowing you to reach more potential travelers!

Not ready to say goodbye to emails just yet? Send your travelers email blasts included in your destination bundle by creating travel marketing email sequences! Email blasts are a great way to keep your travelers nurtured and keep you at the top of their mind. Be sure to keep them engaged through your customized blog posts, resources, and other creative travel marketing content all available in Wanderlust Social bundles.

Our travel marketing content bundles include:

Every Wanderlust Social bundle includes curated images, sample itineraries, captions, blog posts and more. We created these resources for you to share with your travelers and promote your offerings in creative ways. Let’s break down our popular Hawaii bundle to see what’s included.

Hawaii Travel Marketing Content Canva Bundle

This bundle (designed to put your Hawaii marketing on autopilot) is packed full with customizable content including…

  • 20 Curated Destination Images
  • 40 Captions (written to convert)
  • Sample Vacation Itinerary
  • Attractions and Airport Map
  • Downloadable Packing List
  • 2 Promotional Emails
  • Destination Blog Post
  • Editable Promo Postcards
  • Travel Hashtag Vault
  • Brand Voice Options

The fun doesn’t stop there! Every template can be customized in Canva to match your brand, and shared with your travelers.

Let’s get Customizing! Here’s how to start customizing your travel marketing content.

So, how do you unlock a bundle?

Each destination bundle has a dedicated page to show you what to expect and even let you preview the travel marketing content (and download a few bonus images for free!) When you’ve chosen the bundle you want, simply add it to your cart and check out using your member credits or with a credit card.

Then, find your unlocked content in your Dashboard or your sidebar menu!

Great! You’ve unlocked the bundle, next let’s get to customizing!

Our customizable templates are fully editable in Canva so you can tweak the colors, fonts, and logos to match your brand and give your business a professional edge. Though you can use our bundles with a free Canva account, having a subscription may allow you to get even more creative!

Use these quick tips to make your content look and feel like your brand!

  1. Open the template (or templates) you want to customize.
  2. To change the fonts, click on the text block to select it and ungroup as necessary. Choose a font from the top menu and adjust the size and color as needed.
  3. To change the colors, select the element you want to adjust and select the color box at the top. Enter your color name or hex code and watch the Canva magic happen!
  4. Next, upload your logos and graphic elements to build brand recognition and drag them into the template to place. (Be sure to align to the page as necessary for a professionally designed look.)
  5. Update and switch out any images as you see fit.
  6. And finally, get ready to share with your travelers!

Bonus Tip: With a Canva Pro account, you can set up Brand Kit to upload your logos and set up your fonts and brand colors

Need more tips and tricks for using Canva? Check out their tutorials

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