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5 Ways to Make Travel Marketing Content Stretch Even Further

Stretch your travel marketing content and grow your travel business with our top 5 tips from Wanderlust Social.
5 ways to make your travel marketing content stretch even further

Wanderlust Social is home to an always-expanding library of travel and destination marketing bundles. Our travel marketing content is created to you stretch your marketing further than you ever though imaginable. Keep reading to discover the creative ways our Wanderlust Socialites can expand their marketing efforts!

#1: Print more than just the printable postcards!

Every Wanderlust Social bundle includes curated images, sample itineraries, captions, blog posts and more. We created these resources for you to share with your travelers and promote your offerings in creative ways.

Each bundle includes printable postcards that can be customized in Canva to match your brand, then shared with your travelers as direct mail marketing. But don’t stop there! Every travel marketing content bundle features so many materials that can be printed and sent to your travelers. From packing lists to attraction maps, excite your travelers about their upcoming trip to build brand loyalty.

Bonus Tip: Use a Canva Pro account to get the full experience of customizing printables to match your branding!

London Travel Marketing Content

#2: Turn blog posts into educational travel video content!

Our SEO-focused blog posts are written to attract clients that are ready to book. These blogs serve as a great jumping off point for creating content that your community will love.

After sharing a blog complete with images and customization, you have content to create social media content based on. Social media is a great place to reach potential customers and establish yourself through travel expertise. Repurpose blogs posts as video content for Reels, TikToks, YouTube videos, to stay up to date on trends.

Don’t forget to include a strong Call to Action to convert your video content into leads!

Bonus Tip: Have limited time to record video content? Set aside a couple hours per week to batch create content to post throughout the weeks ahead!

#3: Use Instagram stories to create engaging travel marketing content

Speaking of repurposing content, why stop at blog posts? Repurpose all the content included in your marketing bundles.

Convert blog posts and fact sheets into fun, educational ways for your community can engage with you. Creating polls and trivia games on Instagram stories helps increase reach and establishes you as an expert at what you do. As a result, you will build trust with potential travelers and improve your travel sales funnel in the process.

California Wine Country Marketing Bundle and Travel Marketing Content

Bonus Tip: Host a mini giveaway for the person that gets the most answers correct for even more engagement!

#4: Get your Travel Facebook group talking!

Content marketing should be true to YOUR brand. Because of that, every photo in our destination bundles features captions written in different brand voices. Be sure to use this resource to make sure your captions sound like you!

Share new content and posts on your Facebook group to build your community. Start a conversation by asking about your group members, their travel goals, what things they wish would be easier to navigate when it comes to the travel industry, and the like.

Bonus tip: Share stories on Facebook groups to build engagement with the community here!

#5: Build your travel marketing sales funnel

Part of many great travel sales funnels is a lead magnet. This is something you give away to leads in exchange for their contact information. So, if you’re looking for leads for a specific destination, add Wanderlust Social resources to your page, and ask for emails to let travelers download the content. This builds credibility for your brand and grows your email list, allowing you to reach more potential travelers.

Once a traveler signs up, send your two email blast from the destination bundle. After that, be sure to keep them engaged through additional blog posts, resources, and other creative travel marketing content.

Bonus tip: Automate and personalize the email when the traveler signs up for your email list to be more personable.

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