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5 must-have destination marketing bundles from Wanderlust Social

Destination marketing bundles are our thing at Wanderlust Social! Here are our top 5 must-have bundles to boost your travel marketing.
cruise marketing bundle

Wanderlust Social is home to an always-expanding library of travel and destination marketing bundles. Our destination marketing bundles help travel agents, business owners, and bloggers to come up with more content more easily. While all of our bundles are worth the trip to see, these are 5 absolute must-haves that Wanderlust Socialites love!

#1: Walt Disney World Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: The Disney destination marketing bundle helps you stand out and showcase your magic. 

It’s one of our bestselling destination marketing bundles for a reason! Disney is a HUGE destination for travel agents to sell, and the marketing space is super crowded, therefore super competitive. Over and over again, we hear about travel agents struggling to create Walt Disney World content.

That’s why we’ve packed this bundle with Disney magic. We’ve included SEO-focused blog posts, email marketing templates, and digital resources that you can customize to your brand in Canva. The Disney itinerary is enough to make this bundle magical, but with images and captions written in two brand voices, your marketing will be set over the top!

Walt Disney World Destination Marketing Bundles
Get the Walt Disney World Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Walt Disney World Destination Content and Marketing Bundle

#2: Ocean Cruising Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: This is a true “bang for your buck” bundle! Whether you’re selling family-friendly Disney cruises or adults-only luxury cruises, this marketing bundle is sure to educate your travelers. 

Maybe you’re a seasoned pro, or perhaps you’re looking to dip your toe into the open water of cruise marketing. Wherever you are in the stages of selling cruises, this bundle will elevate your cruise marketing game instantly, therefore boosting sales. With 15 of the most popular cruising destinations, this bundle has great tools to “wow” your travelers.

Our favorite resources in the Ocean Cruising bundle are the printable postcards, organized fact sheets, and beautiful ocean cruise images. What are you waiting for? Dive right into selling cruise vacations!

Ocean Cruise Marketing Bundle
Get the Ocean Crusing Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Ocean Cruising Content and Marketing Bundle

#3: Summer 2022 Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: out of all our seasonal bundles, the Summer 2022 marketing bundle is the one to grab! Seasonal bundles are what keep your content fresh and cohesive all year long.

Take a vacation from marketing this summer and let the Summer 2022 travel marketing bundle handle content creation for you! In addition to bonus content, this bundle has it all: fun images, captions with two brand voice options, blog posts, emails, and postcards.

This specialty bundle includes a shareable “Things to Do in Summer” sheet that you can email, print, and share with clients so you can build relationships. There’s also a summer drink guide to keep your clients engaged with your brand, so don’t miss the biggest season for travel sales!

Summer 2022 Destination Marketing Bundles
Get the Summer 2022 Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Summer 2022 Content and Bundle

#4: Hawaii Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: our #2 bestseller, the Hawaii destination marketing bundle is made of beautiful imagery and informational content. It’s one of our very best!

It’s called the Paradise of the Pacific for a reason, but it’s not paradise for only your travelers. Get ready to grab a coconut and relax, our destination marketing bundles were designed to put your marketing on autopilot! This Hawaii destination marketing bundle does all the hard work for you when it comes to attracting travelers.

The Hawaii bundle is our most beautiful of all, filled with images of nature, culture, and more content that you can’t find anywhere else. The detailed blog posts, packing lists, and itineraries set this travel bundle apart and make your content creation easy. Above all, you will feel prepared to answer any question from “When is the best time of year to visit Hawaii?” to “What are the best Hawaii day trips?” with complete confidence.

Hawaii Destination Marketing Bundles
Get the Hawaii Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Hawaii Content and Destination Marketing Bundle

#5: Romance Travel Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: instead of selling a place, this marketing bundle helps you sell an experience.

Every travel agent has heard “Where should we go for a romantic trip?” With this bundle, you will have everything you need to sell trips for two to romantic destinations around the world.

From wedding destinations to romantic destinations in Europe, the Romance Travel Bundle has it all, as well as added bonuses. Our two bonus resources help you sell romantic travel in a unique way. With a guide to chocolates around the world and a couples’ cocktail recipe guide, selling romance travel has never been so sweet – or simple!

Romance Marketing Bundle
Get the Romance Travel Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Romance Travel Content and Marketing Bundle

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