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Level up your Travel Content Marketing with 10 expert tips!

Grow your business with travel content marketing! Learn Cyndi Williams' 10 creative ways to use your Wanderlust Social content.

#1: Post on Instagram or in your travel Facebook group, and caption your photo with a voice tone that’s true to your brand!

Travel content marketing should be true to YOUR brand! That’s why we included two brand voice options for every photo included in our destination bundles. One caption is more casual and fun, perfect for a private Facebook group with your warm audience! The alternate caption is more informational and professional, which can be great for an Instagram post or a Facebook ad to attract new leads. 

To access the two captions, download the Captions template from your unlocked bundle. Then, follow the template to pair the caption with the suggested image from your bundle. 

Bonus tip: Repurpose educational captions as polls on your Instagram story to engage your followers!

#2: Use packing lists, sample itineraries, and attraction maps as lead magnets for your marketing funnel!

Every Wanderlust Social bundle comes with some incredible traveler resources like packing lists, fact destination fact sheets, sample itineraries, seasonal guides, local attraction maps, and more. We created these resources for you to give to your travelers, but our Wanderlust Socialites are using them in even more creative ways!

Part of many great travel sales funnels is a lead magnet. This is something you give away to leads in exchange for their contact information. So if you’re looking for leads interested in Walt Disney World vacations, add our Walt Disney World traveler resources to your sales page, and ask for emails to let travelers download the content! This is a great way to give your brand credibility and grow your email list with warm leads.

Walt Disney World Marketing Content

Bonus tip: Follow up! If you share a sample itinerary in your first email, add a second automated email a few days later explaining how your agency can customize an itinerary to their needs.

#3: Take your travel content marketing offline with printable postcards and resources.

In the digital age, snail mail can be your secret weapon to grab the attention of travelers. In every destination bundle, we include printable postcards that you can customize to your brand in Canva and send to your audience!

#4: Turn a blog post into travel marketing video content!

TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos are where it’s at right now with marketing! Stay on-trend and in front of your audience in 2022 with educational travel video content. Some of our Wanderlust Socialites are taking the content included in their destination blog posts and repurposing it in videos!

A 5-tip blog post can be easily turned into a 5-part TikTok or Instagram Reel focused on selling a specific destination. Then, give your followers a strong Call to Action to bring in leads from your video content.

#5: Sell all year long with seasonal travel marketing content!

Since launching Wanderlust Social, our bestselling bundles have been our seasonal marketing content bundles. In between selling specific destinations, try tailoring your travel marketing to the season! Sell adventurous trips during the summer months, island and resort getaways during winter, and more.

Not only is our seasonal content sales-focused, but it gives you fresh content ideas to keep your Facebook group and Instagram page active during slow seasons. Check out our current seasonal bundles: Summer 2022, Spring 2022, Patriotic Season, and more coming soon!

#6: Make your content reach further with destination hashtags!

Every one of our destination bundles comes with a hashtag vault, designed to make your content reach new warm leads. Mix and match hashtags to expand your audience, skyrocket your post reach, and get more views on your content.

Bonus tip: Become a Member to access our general hashtag travel vault!

#7: Create a travel content marketing calendar for your travel agents!

Keep your travel content coordinated throughout your agency with our customizable travel marketing calendars! Every quarter, our Members get access to monthly marketing calendars for the upcoming season. These calendars have relevant holidays, content ideas, and information, and let you drag and drop your content plan right in!

Schedule your Instagram posts, Facebook group content, seasonal content, and more, then share your marketing calendar with your team!

#8: Narrow down your niche with themed content marketing bundles!

Our content bundles have more than destinations and seasons. We also release themed bundles to help you connect with your target audience and bring in warmer traveler leads. Two of our favorite themed bundles are our Romance Travel bundle and our Ocean Cruising bundle!

These bundles aren’t tied down to one destination, but give you a chance to educate your audience and provide engaging content to the right people. The Romance bundle is perfect for around Valentine’s day, selling honeymoon trips, and niching down to couple’s vacations. The Ocean Cruising bundle is great to showcase your cruising expertise and educate your followers about where and when to cruise.

#9: Collaborate with other travel agents in our Wanderlust Social Facebook group!

Whether you’re a solo agent or an agency owner, the world of travel content marketing can be confusing at times. That’s why we created a Facebook group for our Wanderlust Socialites! Share ideas, ask questions and get feedback about your travel marketing in the group. We already have 500+ members in the first month of our launch – have you joined yet?

#10: Stay current with travel content marketing trends in 2022 and beyond!

If there’s one thing that’s true in travel marketing, it’s that things are always changing. We learned from COVID in 2020 that travel can change in an instant. Trends, social media changes, and popular hot spots are always changing too. This is why your content needs to keep you top of mind for your clients all year, every year!

Our recommendation is to sign up for a 2-bundle per month plan, and every month unlock one destination and one seasonal or specialty bundle. Then, use our members-only marketing calendars to schedule your content and let your agency focus on selling one destination each month. Mix in some of the seasonal content, and your marketing is 100% finished! How easy was that?

Watch Cyndi Williams explain these 10 tips and more on YouTube!

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  1. Great Blog!
    Thanks for sharing your informative article. Your writing skills are great. You have written each and every point. You can explain about the level up your travel content marketing with 10 tips. Your blog can help many people who need these information. Keep write! Keep share!

  2. Hi Cindi,
    Which Bundle would you suggest I purchase for my (All Inclusive) Clients? You can email me back at ( Thank you so much!

    1. Great question! I’d start with Jamaica and Mexico for all-inclusive niches, then build your library from there. Have fun!

  3. My niche is rail. I hate writing and have found it hard to find memberships to fill my needs. I have a year’s worth of content on my website for destinations and experiences, but really would like more rail content. I have a list of trains and would love someone to write content around that. Do you have any ideas on what can help me in your membership?

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