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5 Destinations You Need to be Marketing as a Travel Agent

Destination and specialty marketing bundles are what we do best at Wanderlust Social! Here are 5 bundles you need to be marketing.
Destination marketing bundles

At Wanderlust Social we have a library of travel and destination marketing bundles, with more bundles released each month. Our destination marketing bundles help travel agents and bloggers alike create marketing content to promote their businesses with ease. Every one of our bundles is packed full of valuable content, but these 5 are absolute must-haves that all Wanderlust Socialites love!

#1: All Inclusive Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: The perfect marketing bundle for travel agents that specialize in beach and all-inclusive destinations.

The All Inclusive Marketing Content bundle is one of our bestselling marketing bundles for all the best reasons! If you’ve been looking for away to stand out from the crowded industry of agents specializing in all inclusive vacations, this is your chance to shine.

This bundle is packed full of all kinds of goodies. With high-quality images that showcase the beauty and diversity of all-inclusive destinations and the natural beauty of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, you’re sure to be impressed. And the fun doesn’t stop there… We’ve provided captivating captions to help you make a strong impression online, blog posts to get your community engaged, email templates, and so much more.

All Inclusive Travel Marketing
Get the All Inclusive Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the All Inclusive Content and Marketing Bundle

#2: Luxury Travel Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: This bundle is perfect to market yourself as a luxury agent and showcase destinations that aren’t typically thought of as “luxury”

The Luxury Travel Bundle is just that – luxury. With a mix of popular and more unique destinations, you and your clients are sure to find destinations you love. This bundle is perfect for those seasoned or brand new to the luxury travel space. The content will give your social media feeds, website, and email blasts a much-needed refresh. Luxury travel is more than high-end hotels; it’s the best destinations, exotic experiences, and an expectation of the best in every aspect of a trip.

Our favorite resources in the Luxury Travel bundle are the FORTY captions written to convert your audience into booked travellers, the customizable post cards, and the amazing BONUS pieces.

Luxury Travel Images and Content Marketing
Get the Luxury Travel Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Luxury Travel Content Marketing Bundle

#3: Alaskan Cruise Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: this bundle is perfect for travel agents specializing in domestic travel and cruises with specific destinations

You may be an expert at selling cruises, but are you an expert at Alaskan cruises? This bundle will elevate your cruise marketing game instantly, boosting sales and bookings in no time. The content in this bundle is educational, beautiful, and enticing – just like those cruises it’ll help you sell.

The Alaskan Cruise Marketing Bundle features the same templates and assets you know and love from our other bundles, as well as some extra pieces. Our favorite is the detailed map that points out popular destinations along the Alaskan coastline.

Get the Alaskan Cruise Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Alaskan Cruise Content and Bundle

#4: Greece Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: Greece is one of the most popularly request destinations for retirees and honeymooners, and this bundle makes your content planning a breeze

Explore Athens, Santorini, and Greece is a fabulous European travel destination for couples, families, and groups looking for unique adventures. With beautiful weather year-round and many islands to explore, Greece is an essential staple for travel agents and agencies planning international vacations.more with the incredible Greece marketing content bundle for travel agents!

The Greece bundle is a Wanderlust Socialite favorite. It features a detailed packing list, an attractions and airport map, beautifully curated images, and so much more. Use the content to create a lead magnet for your travel agency, plan your Instagram content, or sell to your client list.

Greece Marketing Content for travel agents
Get the Greece Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Greece Content and Destination Marketing Bundle

#5: Italy Marketing Content Bundle

Why we love it: A popular destination for romantic getaways packed with insider travel tips

Get ready to say “Ciao” to Italy marketing content! Sell Italian vacations with ease with lively content and insider travel tips. Italy marketing content has endless possibilities, but it can be difficult to know where to start. With so many famous cities and landmarks to cover, our Italy bundle makes things easy for you and your team.

Blow your clients away with your insider knowledge of historical landmarks, incredible food and drink recommendations, a comprehensive destination map, and practical tips for European travel hacks. The images alone make this beautiful bundle worth it, and your Instagram feed and email blasts will thank you!

italy marketing content bundle
Get the Italy Content Marketing Bundle here!

Preview the Italy Travel Content and Marketing Bundle

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