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5 Strategies to Level Up Your Travel Business

At Wanderlust Social, we're diving into our top five strategies to level up your travel business this year.
5 strategies to level up your travel business

To grow your business, there are so many things that you need to learn and know. Today we’re sharing our top 5 strategies to level up your travel business. Keep in mind that your strategies will be based on your specific goals, but doing these things can help you get to the place of having work-life balance and amazing income.

Fire Clients that Don’t Light You Up

Understand that it’s okay to update your client roster. If you have clients that are taking up a lot of your time and energy without booking high-level trips, it may be time to consider dropping them.

The easiest way to “fire” the clients that aren’t the best fit for you as your grow your business, is to introduce fees. These fees can offset working with them if they choose to still work with you or might even encourage them to find another agent to work with.

Once you have those “not-so-great” travelers out of the way, you can look take a look at your entire roster and figure out who your favorite types of clients are. Try to think back to how you found them and focus your marketing efforts on finding clients similar to them.

Add Passive Revenue to Your Business Model

Having passive income streams in your business model adds recurring income and can protect you in times of emergency. (Think back to the Covid pandemic!)

Some ways to add extra income to your business include putting backup revenue streams in place, offering additional sales and services, or offering cross-sells and upsells.

Increase Your Automations to Decrease Your Workload

There’s no such thing as “not enough time” when it comes to setting up automations. The entire purpose of automations is to save you time in the long run. Any repeatable process in your business can be automated. It results in less brain power for you and a better, streamlined process for your clients.

Consider Growing a Team

If you have the calling to be a leader and want to move from being a salesperson to sitting in the “CEO seat,” this will be a great move for you.

Growing a team is a great way to build your company, make more profit, and give yourself more time when done correctly.

Consider Growing a Team

Make your core philosophy that you are going to build your business around your life. The freedom that comes when you leave a corporate structure is one of the best things you could ever experience, but it doesn’t work for everyone. No matter how you decide to run your business, it’s important to put yourself, your family, and friends first.

Consider what you want in your life and prioritize that. By doing that, you won’t have burnout, you won’t get bored, and you can continue passionately growing your business.

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