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What Kind of Insurance Do YOU Need as a Travel Agent?

Insurance for travel agents is essential to protecting yourself and your business. Keep reading to start thinking about your coverage options.
What Kind of Insurance Do YOU Need as a Travel Agent?

As a person selling travel, you need insurance for travel agents to protect yourself and your business. It’s important to make the decision for yourself, instead of solely depending on your host or travel agency’s insurance.

Protecting yourself AND your business

Before diving in, let’s set the facts straight. We are not legal experts, but these are our opinions and tips for protecting your business. Do your own research and be sure to get the insurance that best fits you and your business’s needs.

No matter what stage you’re at with your business, having insurance is important to protect your business. Mistakes are bound to happen and you want to be sure you don’t get stuck in a sticky situation.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

The most common insurance policy for a travel agent is E&O insurance. According to Hartford Insurance, Errors & Omissions Insurance “helps protects your business if a customer were to sue you for mistakes or omissions in your services. Also known as E&O insurance and professional liability insurance, this business insurance helps cover financial loss, legal fees, and defense costs related to a lawsuit…”

What if My Travel Host is Insured?

No one is above making a mistake. E&O insurance is a great option to cover your bases and run your business worry-free. Often types, travel agencies that you work for may have E&O insurance, but the deductible and coverage may not actually cover you. Check with your agency to get a certificate of insurance in order to explore exactly what is covered and how much the deductible really is.

Insurance for Travel Agents

When working for a host, you aren’t an employee, but rather and independent contractor. This means you’re responsible for your insurance coverages. Because of this, it’s important to have coverage yourself and ask questions about the coverage provided through your agency.

When looking at insurance, first consider how your business it set up. Your legal entity may affect the insurance you need. Also be sure to consider how you operate your business. Let’s say you were to go on a trip and work with third parties, pay them a fee, and collect money… this may mean you need to add additional insurance coverage and policies. Be transparent when talking with your insurance provider about how you operate your business in every step of the business management process.

Our Suggestions

Our top two insurance provider recommendations are Berkshire Hathaway and Aon. Both of these companies have great options, whether you’re experienced or new to the travel world. Be sure to reach out to an insurance professional that will guide you through the best options for you.

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