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The Main Responsibilities of Travel Agents

Ever considered what your main responsibilities are as a travel agent? Learn how to stand out and create a successful travel business.
Responsibilities of a Travel Agent

Have you ever considered the responsibilities of travel agents in terms of how you serve your customers? Keep reading to learn how to protect yourself in difficult situations and stand out among other travel agents to create a successful, thriving travel business.

Price, Plan, and Prepare – The Responsibilities of Travel Agents

Being a travel agent, your days tend to look a little like this… Pricing and planning, having conversations, doing research, presenting a proposal, and booking. Considering the relationship between you and your client is important to creating a great experience.

Consider what you can PROVIDE.

Why should your customer use you as their travel agent instead of someone else or instead of booking themself? By providing value to your customers, clients will come back to you time and time again.

One of the best ways to provide excellent customer service is to have some sort of checklist or automated system to follow up with your clients. Confirming their reservations, airline seating assignments, and details of their trip can really relieve stress and leave your clients feeling like you truly care about not just their experience working with you, but that you want their trip to be memorable as well. (And don’t forget to check in with them while they’re on their vacation in case they need anything!)

After their trip, be sure to follow up and ask them questions about their getaway and about their experience working with you in order to grow and scale your travel business. As you work with new and previous clients, always keep in mind to provide quality service BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER their trip.

Travel is complicated, and THAT is your strong suit.

Though travel is more complicated than it was even a few years ago, don’t shy away from letting that hold you back. Instead, be sure to stay up to date on travel trends and stay educated by taking trainings and working towards certifications.

Sure travel is complicated, but that means more people will be looking for you! Be prepared to answer any and all questions about travel complications, especially those surrounding vaccination protocols and the like.

Even travel insurance recommendations have changed immensely in the last few years. Ensure that you’re helping your clients choose the best insurance option for them.

Be on the look out for adjusting rates

Be aware of different packages that may come to light even AFTER your client has booked. Some companies like Disney and Royal Caribbean are offering the ability to secure lower rates or different packages to travelers even after booking. Many customers aren’t aware of this, and it gives you the opportunity to really wow your clients.

Advocate on behalf of your clients and build relationships

Complications on trips are stressful. It’s your job to step in and take control of the situation by working with the leadership at the hotel, resort, or travel supplier. Try to come up with a positive outcome for your client whether it be an upgrade or partial refund. Having conversations and going to bat for your clients will build loyalty for years to come. Though it may be intimidating as a new agent, consumers are looking for these types of people. They want an agent that knows their stuff when it comes to all things travel. They want an agent that will put their families safety and experience as a top priority. By keeping your clients happy and safe, you are building a business that is guaranteed to always generate more bookings.

Helping your clients prepare for their trip may be able to solve potential complications ahead of time. Learn more about the best ways to prepare your clients in our blog post on this exact topic.

So, how can you do all this if you’re brand new to the travel agent world? You’ll find that there are a lot of learning opportunities available for this exact type of thing. Careers on Vacation is a mastermind program that teaches you about processes, responsibilities, and marketing tactics to build a successful travel business. Want even more opportunities for marketing your travel agency? Check out Wanderlust Social’s shop bundles. These bundles are designed to make it easy for you promote your business.

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