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Do I really need Wanderlust Social for my Travel Business?

Struggling to keep up with marketing in your travel business? Wanderlust Social marketing bundles are here to help.

If you’ve been struggling with your marketing and can’t find the time in your day to create content, Wanderlust Social marketing bundles are the tool for you.

Bundles and How to Use Them

Wanderlust Social has all kinds of bundles from destination-specific to seasonal travel. Think theme parks, tropical locations, cruises, Alaska, and so much more. The seasonal and niche specific bundles can really push your marketing over the top to attract an even wider range of your audience.

To start using the Wanderlust Social bundles, you’ll first want to consider your niche and think about what and where you want to market.

Hot Tip – Use the “Download All”

By clicking the “Download All” Image Gallery button on your purchased bundle, you can save all the images at once to your desktop rather than downloading each photo individually. You can even pop them over to Canva or other apps right away so they’re all ready for you.

Almost every Wanderlust Social bundle includes photo caption documents so you don’t even have to do the guesswork. Each of these documents includes captions written in two different brand voices, but don’t forget to add your own call to action to tell your followers what you want them to do!

Materials and Templates Included in Wanderlust Social Bundles

In typical travel bundles, you’ll receive things like packing lists, fact sheets, and itineraries. These pieces are super helpful to share with clients that are visiting specific locations to help aid them on their trip. Typical bundles also include images, post captions, email templates, hashtag vaults, postcards, and blog templates.

To customize these pieces, you can edit directly in Canva by switching to your agency colors, adding your logos, and switching out content and fonts if you’re feeling extra fancy.

#1: Romance Travel Content Bundle

Why we love it: Use it to promote seasonal travel year after year

Seasonal bundles are one of our favorite types of bundles that we offer. Every travel agent has heard, “We’re not sure where we want to go, but we want a romantic trip!” With the Romance Travel Bundle, you’ll have everything you need to respond and sell trips for two to romantic destinations around the world!

Seasonal and specialty bundles like the Romance Travel bundle include images, email templates, captions, and sometimes extra fun things like cocktail and food recipes.

Romance Marketing Bundle
Get the Romance Travel Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Romance Travel Content and Marketing Bundle

#2: Travel Agent Value Proposition Bundle

Why we love it: This bundle is perfect for newer agents

The Travel Agent Value Proposition Bundle is perfect for newer agents who struggle to talk about the value behind their business.

Just like the other bundles, the Travel Agent Value Proposition Bundle comes with tons of customizable materials. This bundle includes customizable travel budgets, blog posts, travel checklists, post captions, and all the other materials that come with a typical bundle.

Get the Travel Agent Value Proposition Content Bundle

Preview the Travel Agent Value Proposition Bundle

#3–5: Festive 2022 Marketing Content Bundle and other Seasonal Bundles

Why we love it: Seasonal bundles are perfect for planning your marketing in advance

Sure it’s still summer, but it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead! The Festive 2022 Marketing Content bundle covers everything from Thanksgiving to the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. With engaging content designed to keep your audience interested throughout the winter months you’ll be extra thankful during the holiday season.

(P.S. don’t worry about the date, “2022” just means that’s when it was released!)

Festive Holiday season travel marketing bundle
Get the Festive Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Festive Travel Content and Bundle

Want more seasonal bundles? Here’s a couple more of our favorites

Every seasonal bundle includes seasonal specific extras like recipe templates, images, social media captions, blog posts, email blasts, and more.

Spring travel marketing Bundle
Get the Spring Travel Content Bundle here!

Preview the Spring Travel Bundle

Fall Travel Marketing content
Get the Fall Travel Marketing Content Bundle here!

Preview the Fall Travel Content and Bundle

Subscriber Bonuses with Wanderlust Social

By becoming a subscriber with Wanderlust Social, you’ll have access to exclusive member content. Think bonus images, hashtag vaults, monthly bonus images, agency member adds (if you’re an agency owner), agency badges, and customizable monthly marketing calendars.

These calendars are some of our favorite bonuses. It makes marketing plans for your travel agency easier than ever. You can add US holidays, special events, and anything and everything else you want in one, easily accessible spot.

Looking for our free marketing blueprint? head to Wanderlust CEO to walk through our recommending marketing process for travel businesses.

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