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Create a Lead Magnet Using a Wanderlust Social Travel Content Bundle

Creating a lead magnet is an easy, evergreen way to promote your travel business. Using Wanderlust Social bundles makes it even easier.
create a lead magnet

If you’ve been wanting to learn about lead magnets and how to create one using your Wanderlust Social Bundles, you’re in the right place. This highly requested topic will teach you everything you need to promote your lead magnet in a matter of minutes.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for something that you can give away or create for your clients that they would want that can magnetize them toward your business. Clients will provider their email address in exchange for receiving your lead magnet, it’s truly a win-win situation. The now have a free gift and you now have their email address to start a conversation and send marketing materials.

Your email list is the only list that you own. Any social media platform can change their policies overnight, so it’s important to be in control of something that you can’t and won’t lose that still allows you to connect with previous and potential clients.

Setting Up Your Lead Magnet

There are two steps to setting up your lead magnet. The first is what we call the “Mechanics” and the second phase is the “Creative Process.”

When it comes to the mechanics, you need a way to collect prospective clients’ emails, connect them to your database, and deliver the thing that you promised to give out. There are plenty of ways to do this. Some of our favorites are and CRMs that allow you to do it directly.

In regards to the creative part of making your lead capture, you can use free or paid options. The first step is to decide what you want to create as your lead magnet. Simply saying “Sign up for my newsletter!” isn’t going to cut it anymore. Building a newsletter and committing to it can be exhausting. Rather, create something fun and helpful like a packing list or itinerary. Think about common problems that your clients face and create something that can help solve the issue for them.

Once you land on the idea, you have to think about the strategy and the visual build. If you struggle with the creative process, Wanderlust Social bundles are the tool for you. Every bundle comes with tons of customizable marketing pieces that can be used to create your lead magnet. Think maps, itineraries, packing lists, etc. The possibilites are endless.

Once you customize your marketing template, you can download the completed piece and sync it directly with your lead magnet delivery system. With the bundles you can do more than just lead magnets. With blog templates, email templates, stock photography, photo captions, and everything in between, these bundles are the key to easy, affordable travel marketing.

It’s Time to Promote Your Lead Magnet!

1) Post about it!

If you have a social following, make a post to talk about and promote your new lead magnet. Be sure to include a link or instructions for potential subscribers to sign up and be added to your email list automatically.

2) Put it on your website

Your website is an evergreen marketing platform. To include promote your lead magnet on your website, you need to make sure you have a custom website. Some template-style websites don’t allow you to include lead magnet sign-ups. It’s as easy as posting an image and linking it to your lead magnet link.

3) Post in social groups

If you are in or run any Facebook groups, make a post talking about your lead magnet to gain even more traction.

4) Talk about it in your videos

When posting on social media, especially YouTube, you can talk about your lead magnets in your videos. Be sure to add the link to your free downloadable in your video descriptions. You can even add graphics to your video to promote the freebie within your video.

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