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Everything Travel Agents Need to Know About Threads – The Latest Social Media Platform

Threads is the newest social media app. It's fun, quirky, and we're here to talk about how you can use it to promote your travel services.

Threads is the newest social media platform that’s quickly gaining traction, and we’re here to talk about the best ways you can use Threads to promote your travel services.

So, what is Threads?

Threads is a new app owned by Meta, but functions similarly to Twitter. Being backed by Meta, Threads isn’t going to be a fad like other platforms we’ve seen arise overnight. Threads is text-based but has the ability to post images. As of this post, there are no DMs, no hashtags, ads, and no following feed.

If you have an Instagram account, Threads will prompt you to sign in with your account, and pulls your bio and all your following directly from Instagram. The ease of setting up the account makes Threads one of our favorite platforms today, but keep in mind, the vibe on Threads is a little more sarcastic and witty than the vibe on Instagram, with lots of one-liners and inside jokes.

When you download Threads, spend some time learning it and playing around to get used to the interface and understand how other people are using the app. If you’re looking for inspiration from your Wanderlust Social bundles, skip over the photo captions pieces and head straight to the blog examples. Using these blog posts as kickstarters to ask people snarky and clever questions to get a quick response.

Be an early adapter

If you’re feeling like you can’t take on yet another platform, you’re not alone. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all the platforms to be successful. Rather, focus on 2–3 platforms that you love and learn what works for you. If you decide to try Threads, start by logging in with your Instagram account and connecting your bio and followers. Just by reading through this article you’re already a step ahead of all the people not currently on the app.

Though it’s not a conversion style app, but rather, is a community building app. This app was created to build the know like trust factor between you and your clients. You can ask potential travelers questions about what they want infromation about and even communicate with vendors and suppliers.

Niching down on other platforms is super important, but with threads our thoughts is that it won’t be as big of a deal. Twitter had a falling out due to the strategy behind posting, but Threads is super fun and almost mindless.

With threads, there is no creating anything. Instead you can just post two lines about your thoughts in the moment and see people react. The one thing to keep in mind is that it’s not the app for cross-posting. Instagram and Facebook go pretty hand in hand with type of content you should post so it’s easy to create one post and graphic and post to both platforms. Threads, on the other hand, is a different audience that wants snarky, easily digestible content. But here’s the thing – the amount of effort that Threads takes to create content is so minimal that we don’t even consider the inability to cross-post an issue, it’s just fun and easy all around!

A few things to remember…

When posting on the app there are a few things to keep in mind.

First – Don’t mock your clients! Don’t post something that makes fun of your current or potential clients. Don’t share information about past client experiences.

And finally, always be kind and keep it fun! Remember how you want to be seen and how you want your brand to come across to people. Though you may be a little more approachable on Threads, you may be a little looser and not as tightly wound.

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