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Effective Ways to Market Your Travel Agency

Figuring out how to market your travel agency online can be stressful. Here's a quick run down of our best travel marketing tips.

As a travel agent figuring out how to market your travel agency online can be stressful. Here’s a quick run down of our best travel marketing tips.

1. Market your travel agency on social media

Marketing your business on social media may be obvious, but most people don’t know how to best optimize their social marketing strategies. A general rule of thumb is to market your services on Facebook and Instagram at the very least. If you look at the demographics across social platforms, these two platforms are the best choice.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a great place to showcase your expertise through video content. Though it may be time-consuming, it really works to prove to your audience that you’re knowledgeable about what you do.

3. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet or lead capture is something you give your prospective buyers or followers in exchange for their email. Think freebies and downloads for email marketing. Some potential lead magnets that you could use for your business include destination guides, packing lists, and other helpful travel pieces.

4. Blog

Even one optimized blog post per month is wonderful for driving traffic to your website. And just like with YouTube content, blogs give you the ability to showcase your expertise through long-form content.

5. Email List

The only list you truly own is your email list. Once you have a list started, you can start email marketing. Email marketing helps you build relationships and warm up leads to convert potential customers into booked clients.

6. Direct Mail

Direct mail is often overlooked, but definitely shouldn’t be. Since it tends to be a little more expensive and takes longer to convert, you may want to hold off on this strategy until your travel business is more established.

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