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3 Ways to Creatively Sell Travel Packages

Selling travel can be difficult, so we're sharing our tips and tricks for selling more creatively to attract more leads.
3 Ways to Creatively Sell Travel Packages

As a new travel agent, selling travel can be difficult. We’re sharing some of our favorite tricks of the trade that we know and love. Keep reading to learn how you can implement these tips into your process and convert leads into booked vacation packages.

1. Start by Making Your Proposals More Visual

Many beginners struggle to sell travel and close sales due to bland and boring proposals. Spend a little extra time and add some flair and creativity to your process, and your proposals will go a long way in closing client sales.

Most people are visual learners and seek out engaging content. Because of that, it’s important to make every step of your process a visual experience. If you’re emailing quotes or discussing proposals over the phone, it’s difficult to convey what the traveler’s destination will actually look like. You want to really sell the package to them and immerse them in the experience before they ever book, so take the extra time to make your proposals extra special.

2. Sell While You’re on Location

If you’re going on a trip soon, consider hopping on a quick live stream to talk about the destination and upcoming deals. While live, invite people to inquire with you and set up a consultation. Live videos and videos on location tend to perform a lot better marketing-wise, so use this tactic to its full advantage. Also, be sure to take b-roll footage to use in your marketing content to sell travel moving forward.

3. Get a Membership with Wanderlust Social

Wanderlust Social offers tools and assets to help you in the process of selling travel. From images, videos, sales funnels, email templates, social posts, and more, you’re sure to find content you love.

We offer a variety of destination bundles to choose from based on the destinations you sell. Each bundle is curated to help you pull out assets and create visual tools to help you sell better.

Every bundle has images to use in your marketing and social content as well as visual cues to convert more leads. Most bundles include attraction maps, trip itineraries, packing lists, fact sheet templates, and more resources that are customizable to your business’s branding.

Once customized, you can share these pieces in your email funnels, sales process, or in your video proposals and marketing.

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