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Setting Up Your Travel Marketing Calendar with Wanderlust Social

Planning your marketing in advance is essential to the long-term success of your business. Our travel marketing calendars make it easy.
Setting up your travel marketing calendar with wanderlust social

Planning your marketing in advance is essential to the long-term success of your business. With Wanderlust Social, you get access to travel marketing calendars that are customizable and easy to use. Let’s learn how!

Start with this free resource

At Wanderlust CEO, we’ve created a free blueprint to help you strategize your marketing plan. This freebie runs through all the nitty gritty steps of marketing from planning to scheduling.

Even better, our recent blog post about how to build a marketing plan runs through even more information that you’ll find beneficial as you create your travel marketing calendar.

So, what is Wanderlust Social and how can you our travel marketing calendars?

Wanderlust Social is a subscription service for travel entrepreneurs. We provide travel bundles and marketing templates that can be customized to your brand for next-level marketing that converts.

To use and customize the marketing calendars from Wanderlust Social, you’ll first need to create an account and sign up for a subscription. From there, you’ll head to your dashboard, where you’ll find freebies and other resources.

Setting up your travel marketing calendar with wanderlust social

So, what is Wanderlust Social and how can you our travel marketing calendars?

Once you’re logged in and have access to the calendars, you can customize them in Canva. The travel marketing calendars can even be customized with your logo and colors.

One of the most important steps to do before diving into customizing and planning with your calendar is to do the prework. Consider the types of marketing that you’ll be putting out so you know how to spread out your content each month.

How to use the Travel Marketing Calendars

To get started with your travel marketing calendar, find the different categorized blocks on the right-hand side. You can copy and drag these blocks to specific dates on the calendar that you plan to put that type of content out.

Drag the different blocks for social posts, emails, videos, livestreams, launches and special events, and everything in between that you may be planning for in your business that month.

When organizing your calendar, be sure to also consider holidays and make the decision on whether or not you’ll be sharing marketing content around those dates.

Once you’re in a good spot, you can move around the blocks on the calendar to refine your plan. You can also customize each text box to add specific details or add notes underneath the boxes to give yourself more information about your plans.

The Importance of Marketing in Advance

Marketing has a 30 to 60-day period before it really starts working. With that in mind, you always need to be planning to have work to do in the next quarter.

We typically recommend planning your marketing calendar around three months in advance. It may seem like a lot, but when you get into busy season, you’ll thank yourself for it. You’ll find that you’re so busy working in your business that you don’t have time to work on your business.

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. To have a lead flow all year long, you have to be a great marketer… and planner.

Once you’ve completed your calendar, be sure to print it and share it with your team to ensure consistency and that everyone is on the same page.

Ready for more?

If you’re ready to go big, visit Careers on Vacation to enroll in the program and learn more about how to market your travel business effectively and get systems in place.

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