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How AI Will Affect the Travel Industry

There are many mixed emotions about the future of AI and entrepreneurship, but using AI in your travel business can be extremely beneficial.
using ai in your travel business

Artificial Intelligence – there are so many mixed emotions about AI and how it will affect our future as business owners, using AI in your travel business can be extremely beneficial. You just need to be aware of a few things before embracing it fully.

What is artificial intelligence capable of doing, and how can it help you?

AI is already capable of handling online customer service. Think about the last time you had an online customer service chat with a business. More often than not, you can tell it’s a robot, and though you may not get a straight answer to what you’re looking for right away, this process saves companies a ton of time in the long run.

AI is also handling data processing and analysis, voice-based assistance, flight forecasting, and so much more. Flight forecasting and baggage tracking are a few of our favorite AI capabilities as it saves some of the legwork for us as travel agents.

Being in the industry, you learn over time what the cadences for travel are, however, post-pandemic, things have been a little more difficult to predict. AI programs for pricing and demand predictions can help with this and take away some of the anxiety that comes with budget planning. But how does this all work in a real-life client scenario?

Using AI in your travel business

The most important thing to remember is that what’s truly special about what you do and offer for your clients is the human element. Using AI can benefit you in the planning process by giving you a starting point, but it’s important to use your expertise and personal suggestions to really tailor the trip to your clients. AI doesn’t know about the “un-Googleable” stuff like the best jerky cart that comes to certain beaches at certain times, but guess what – you do!

One other thing to note – AI doesn’t take ages, interests or disabilities into consideration the way you would when planning trip itineraries.

The thing is, people will always need travel agents. Even with the Internet, there is so much information and so many opinions out there that it becomes overwhelming for clients to plan trips themselves. There will always be plenty of travel clients to go around.

Consider how AI can benefit your travel business

Going through periods of change and facing new technology can be scary. Instead of coming at it with fear, think of how change can help your travel business.

Through our programs, we teach you how to navigate changes and provide additional tools and resources to help you manage and scale your travel business. If you’re not already a Certified Travel Agency or Certified Travel Agency owner, check our our website so we can help you wherever you are in your travel business journey.

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