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Blogging Tips for Travel Agents with Wanderlust Social

Ever wondered if there was something out there that would make blogging for your travel business easy? You're in luck.
blogging for your travel business

Ever wondered if there was something out there that would make blogging for your travel business easier. Well, there is.

Our travel content bundles are the perfect tool to add to your toolkit to make marketing your travel business so much easier. Writing blog content isn’t everyone’s favorite task, but writing blogs consistently is essential to boost your SEO on your website.

Using the Blog Templates in Your Wanderlust Social Bundle

Every bundle includes 20 images, bonus content, and other customizable templates that you can use to market your travel business. The blog post templates are great because they’re completely customizable. Whether you want to send them out as PDFs or copy the content to your site’s blog and make it your own (our recommendation for SEO!), you’re sure to find the content you enjoy.

Our favorite bundles to start with when blogging for your travel business

If you’re struggling to decide on which bundle is best for you, we recommend considering your niche. If you sell cruises, take a look at the cruise bundles we have available. There are so many destinations and specialty bundles to choose from, so take time to consider what your customers would like.

The Travel Agent Value Proposition Bundle is also a great starting point as it talks all about your value as a travel advisor. Like every other bundle, this bundle also includes done-for-you blog posts, but is great to use to talk to potential customers who may not yet be familiar with the advantages that come with working with a travel agent.

Use Seasonal Content in Your Blog

One of our best tips for marketing your travel business is to honor the season that you’re in. Don’t always put out content for what’s next, it gets boring quickly for you and your customers.

Not sure how to market seasonally? You’re in luck! Wanderlust Social also provides seasonal bundles so you can post current, broader-type content that a wider range of your audience can relate to.

HOT TIP – Don’t forget to customize your posts to your brand voice and keywords!

When creating your blogs based on the Wanderlust Social bundles, it’s important to remember to customize the content for your brand. Having custom content and using your own key words will only benefit your SEO and marketing in the long run.

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