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California Wine Country Marketing Bundle

California Wine Country Bundle

California Wine Country Bundle

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• Sample vacation itinerary

• Attractions and airports map

• Downloadable packing list

• 2 promotional emails

• Destination blog post

• Editable promo postcards

• Travel hashtag vault

• Brand voice options

This bundle is for members only until January 1st!

"I've been wanting to sell CA Wine Country for years and didn't know where to start, until now!"

“This bundle is a GAME CHANGER! I have always gotten inquiries about Napa, Sonoma, and southern California trips, but never felt confident in my abilities to sell wine country well. Plus, the images I tried to find were always overused or low quality. Not only is this bundle full of great information, but the images are so varied and well-chosen. CA Wine Country will be THE destination my team and I push this Spring.”

Everything you need to sell California Wine Country travel...

We hand-select images that show off the many beautiful aspects of our destinations from culture to cuisine and landmarks to nightlife. Never worry about image copyrights, poor resolution, or identifying where an image is again.

The only thing harder than choosing an image to post is writing the caption! Our professional copywriters have done the work for you and written two captions for each image in your bundle so you can choose the tone and voice that fits your brand best.

We’ve curated 75 travel industry hashtags to promote your agency on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! Increase your reach and find new clients ready to travel with you in no time.

Give your clients a trip itinerary that will blow them away with its organization, professionalism, and your agency’s branding. This template gives you a helpful starting point with a real destination itinerary planned by our team, and you can easily customize it for your travelers’ needs!

This informative visual aid will bring your agency’s professionalism to the next level. We’ve selected a handful of key points on the map for your destination, and compiled them in a helpful travelers’ aid for your clients. Plus, use Canva to customize it to your brand!

It’s the little details that keep families coming back to you year after year, and a ready-made packing list for their dream vacation is a simple way to elevate your client experience and set your agency apart. Plus, use Canva to customize it to your brand!

Let us guess: email marketing is that one thing you’ve been putting off forever, right? With two promotional emails for your destination, you could be back on your email marketing game (and booking trips!) by the end of the day!

Grow your travel business with SEO-focused blog posts, written to convert browsers into clients ready to book with you. Throw in some images from your bundle, post, and let the inquiries roll in!

In our business, printed postcards go a long way. Show clients you’re thinking about them with multiple destination-specific postcards featuring beautiful images and your brand’s contact information and branding!

About the bundle

Prepare to be wined and dined... the California Wine Country bundle has it all!

What’s become an increasingly popular travel destination in the US recently, but is notoriously difficult to market, is California Wine Country. The range of wineries, price points, destination options, accommodations, and different itineraries make CA overwhelming to market for travel agencies, but we’ve got your back. 

This bundle is filled to the brim with valuable information, vibrant content, and flavor and flair that will have your audience eager for more. The images alone make this bundle one of our best, but the emails and blog posts send it over the top! Ready to take a West Coast trip?

California Wine Country Marketing Content
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