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What Your Travel Marketing Content is Really Saying

Creating travel marketing content with purpose helps you attract the right clients and stand out in a noisy, digital world.
travel marketing content

If you are here, it is because you want to improve your marketing. What is your current marketing doing well for you? What areas need improvement? The only person that can answer those questions is you. We want to shed some light on a few common mistakes that are happening in travel marketing content creation that are less than effective. Some you may even be making without realizing they are more harmful than helpful.

Many advisors use premade content to streamline their process, but how can you use it to your benefit, and how can you make it work for you? If you want your content to be powerful, to attract the right clients, and to convert, then read on! Let’s look at some common types of messaging travel advisors put out and decide if it is effective, what message its really sending, and what you can do to either avoid these mistakes or improve your own messaging.

Let’s dive into some examples to help you best optimize your travel marketing content.

Message #1: “Here’s a deal for $1299!”

Cringe. It’s easy to fall into this trap because it’s what you think people want to see. This type of message will only attract bargain-hunters and tire-kickers who will never value your work. They are only looking for the best deal possible and place no value on the service you provide. (That means they are not your ideal client!) When you promote deals, you remove potential value from your travel marketing content.

How to fix this message in your travel marketing content:

Marketing is not for hard sales, plain and simple. Take any posts like this out of your travel marketing content altogether. This is sending entirely the wrong message. Marketing is not sales; marketing is the journey of converting people from complete strangers into paying clients. If a deal comes across your inbox, and you have a specific client in mind, send them a personalized message. Try something like this: “Hi Mr. & Mrs. Smith! I just received information that Sandals is starting this great new promotion. This is a wonderful opportunity to get you to Barbados for your anniversary! I am available this week to go over the details with you!” This private message shows them that you have insider information, that you are taking the time to think about them, and it makes you invaluable to your client.

Message #2: “Book a Royal Caribbean cruise today!”

Messages like this, though nice, remove you from the equation. When someone sees this message, they think “oh great, I will go book that cruise…myself”. This type of messaging makes it look like booking travel is so easy, anyone can do it! This is also selling a product… for the vendor. You don’t work for vendors; you work for you! When you promote messages like this, you are removing yourself and your services completely by unintentionally empowering people to book things themselves.

How to fix this message:

“If you are looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure, a cruise is a perfect vacation! On leisurely days at sea, you can lie by the pool or go to the spa. Days in port will offer experiences and tours to set your heart racing. Each moment is yours! Ready to book your next cruise? Schedule a complimentary consultation with me today!”

This message still talks about cruises (notice it does not talk about a specific vendor). Except now you add value by giving tidbits of information about cruising, AND you also keep yourself involved by sending the message that you are there to make this a reality for them. Last, you are also supplying a way for them to engage and contact you.

Message #3: “A sunset over the water.”

Okay, great. What about it? Where is the call to action? What is your client supposed to do? Sharing pretty pictures is nice for making your social feed beautiful, and it can also ‘slow the scroll’ so to speak. If you aren’t asking people to engage, they won’t!

How to fix this message in your travel marketing content:

“The perfect sunset to end the perfect day. That is what awaits you in St. Lucia! We will match your St. Lucian accommodations to you, so your trip is nothing short of magnificent. Ready to make this your reality? Use the link in our bio to schedule your vacation consultation with one of our St. Lucia experts.”

This message gives context and makes it more than just a pretty picture. It entices and draws in the viewer. It gives them a sense that you can make this their reality. Lastly, it positions you not only as a travel expert, but as an expert in the destination they you already know they are interested in.

Message #4: “Here’s a picture of me skiing.”

This is getting close, but not quite there. Yes, it is effective to share posts of your own travels and experiences. When you do, it personifies your marketing and makes it relatable! However, you still need to put it to work for you.

How to fix this message:

“One of my favorite vacation memories is skiing in Aspen with my family. It was my daughter’s first-time skiing, and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she mastered the bunny hill! Have you been thinking about taking your kids skiing? Let’s chat about it! I love making my clients’ vacation dreams reality… just think of all the memories you can make!”

This message not only shows your travel experience, but it will give your audience something to connect with. This helps them get to know you, relate with you, and they now can trust that you have their best interests in mind.

Start implementing these tactics in your travel marketing content

Now that you have seen a few common types of content errors and ways to remedy them, it’s time to act. Where does this great content come from? The fixes above are premade content from existing Wanderlust Social bundles! Our bundles are made to be effective for you. Wanderlust Social bundles take into consideration the things you should avoid and yet they also build in great marketing elements for you. With a few personal touches added in, you will have incredible content ready to put out! Now that you are armed with incredible content, it’s time to put to work for you. Here are the action steps for you to take:

  • Know your marketing plan, as well as your topic/destinations you are promoting right now (Do you have our Marketing Blueprint for Travel Agents?)
  • Choose your content accordingly
  • Map it out, so that it makes sense for your business – try using the customizable marketing calendars from Wanderlust Social!
  • Before you schedule it, make sure to take a few moments to tweak the captions to reflect your voice so it is relatable for your clients
  • Sprinkle in a few of your own content pieces to build authority as their expert
  • Be prepared to engage with the new influx of engagement from your content!

Last thing of note: always remember to be authentic, even when using premade content. Now you are ready to efficiently plan your travel marketing content! If you have any questions about how to best apply Wanderlust Social bundles to your marketing plan, be sure to follow us on our socials @WanderlustSocial. We love sharing tips and tricks with you! Happy planning!

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