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Our mission is to support travel agencies with marketing content, destination resources, and more!

About the Badge

Wanderlust Social Verified Agencies give their teams more to make them successful.

Working as an agent for a travel agency is a lot like building a business of your own. You’ll likely be planning trips, finding clients, and handling some marketing yourself! When you join a Wanderlust Social Verified Agency, you can feel confident knowing you’ll be supported as an agent with content, resources, and marketing guidance through Wanderlust Social. 

How it Works: Becoming an Agent

Congrats on joining a team that truly cares about your success as a travel agent! Here’s what you’ll experience once you’re officially on the team.

Create your complimentary account

When you become a travel agent for a Wanderlust Social Verified Agency, you’ll be given your own unique Wanderlust Social login (for free!), with access to a personalized dashboard for your agency. 

Access your member dashboard

On your member dashboard, you’ll find everything you need to start selling travel. Agents get access to our travel hashtag vault, monthly marketing calendars, and ALL destination content and resource bundles that your agency has unlocked. 

Access new content all the time!

Get access to new content and resources every month as your agency unlocks new content. Wanderlust Social content is perfect for social media, blog posts, email marketing, print, and more. Good luck!

Preview the Content

Every destination your agency unlocks willbe YOURS for free! Plus, you'll get acess to our travel hashtag vault, monthly marketing calendars, monthly bonus content, and exclusive trainings.

Make your marketing dreams come true with the Walt Disney World bundle! Tips, tricks, and magical marketing hints await…

Market the Magic City with ease! Promote beach days, nightlife, culture, and cuisine with the eclectic and colorful Miami bundle.

With six unique resort areas, beautiful Jamaica has something for everyone! Showcase the island’s best with the Jamaica bundle.

It’s called the Paradise of the Pacific for a reason, and this bundle was designed to sell every one of Hawaii’s islands on autopilot!

Take a much-needed rest from marketing with endless content for the city that never sleeps! Introducing… the New York bundle!

Prepare to be wined and dined… this bundle has it all! Find beautiful imagery and enticing content in this bundle full of flavor.

Say “hola” to to the Costa Rica bundle! Bring your Costa Rica marketing to life with vibrant content and insider travel tips. 

Ready to set sail? Your marketing is going international with this bundle filled with 4 rivers and 7 European countries!