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Marketing with Purpose – Essential Questions for Travel Agents

Marketing your travel business with purpose helps you attract the right clients and stand out in a noisy, digital world.
marketing your travel business

One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to understand who your clients are and how to effectively connect with them. Sounds simple enough, though many people do not spend enough time on this important step of their business planning. When this process is skipped or missed, the battle of marketing your travel business faces many trials. Even with beautiful and creative content, without knowing your ideal client, your content will never reach the right people.

By now, you know that marketing is how you present your product or service to potential clients. It’s the bridge that takes strangers and converts them to clients by establishing your authority in your industry as you build a relationship with them. But how do you make your marketing effective and authentic? How can your content stand out in a noisy world, while highlighting your unique brand? Read on for our list of six questions you should be able to answer so that your business marketing is truly authentic and effective.

To get started with marketing your travel business, discover your “WHO”

Who is it you are trying to reach?  What do you know about them? The more you know about their personality and lifestyle, the easier it will be for you to know how to connect with them. It’s easier to talk to a friend or family member than a stranger, right? Apply the same principle to your ideal client. You should know them well! Try making a list of some similarities or trends of your potential clients. Think about things like personality traits (Are they easy going? Type A? Reserved?) as well as things that have shaped their character (Family? Career? Finances?). When you identify a common thread among your ideal clients, it will be easier to communicate with them and work toward marketing your travel business successfully.

Think about the “WHAT”

What do you know about your clients? What destinations are they even interested in? How often do they travel? Who do they travel with? How much do they typically spend per trip? Knowing details like this about your clients will make it even easier to know what content they are interested in seeing. For example, if your client base is mostly interested in solo travel, it wouldn’t make sense to post about family travel; if they are interested in Europe, then focusing on destinations like Greece or Croatia would be a great idea.

Now, what about the “WHERE?”

Where do your clients like to travel? Your focus should always be on where they want to go, not necessarily where you want to go or sell. If you want to sell destinations you love, just be sure it resonates with your ideal client. And don’t be afraid to introduce new destinations! You are the expert, not only on destinations but also on your ideal client. If there’s a new destination you think they will love, then introduce them to it when marketing your travel business. Also keep in mind the seasonality of destinations in your niche, so you can market them at the best times.

Answer the “WHEN”

When should your clients be researching and planning their next trip? As the marketing decision-maker for your business, this is entirely within your control! Whether a destination needs five months or two years in advance to book, do the research and calculations and plan your content accordingly. That way you are putting the right content in front of their eyes at the right time. (Pro Tip: using the Content Planner from Wanderlust Social makes planning for seasonality easy!)

WHICH” platforms do your clients use?

Do they spend most of their time on Facebook and YouTube? Then focus your efforts there! If you aren’t sure, take a poll, ask candidly on your platforms, or even try cross-posting across multiple platforms to see which ones get the best engagement. Another suggestion: if you know people who closely embody your ideal client, as if you can interview them and ask these questions. Essentially: go find your clients! Once you know where they spend their time, focus your content there for best results.

Answer the “WHY” when it comes to marketing your travel business

Why do these people (your future clients) need you and your services? What makes you unique? What do you have to offer them that no one else can? Why should they like and follow you, and eventually give you their business? Once you can identify who your ideal clients are, as well as their pain points, your focus should become solving that issue for them. Never forget that you are the value!


How can you provide excellent value to your clients? By being authentic, relatable, and professional. The more you know who your clients are, as well as their reason for travel, you will become invaluable to them. When you combine your value with an understanding of who your client is and what they really are buying, you will take your marketing (and business) to new heights!

Once you can answer these questions about your clients, your marketing will more effectively reach your clients (the right ones!) because it will be far more relatable and draw them in. Which of these areas are you already doing well? Which ones can use a little more of your attention? Spend some time reflecting on the purpose of your marketing and make the necessary tweaks. Once you do, your marketing will be purposeful and authentic, and you will have made valuable connections with your clients!

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