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How to Prepare Travel Clients for a Vacation

Help prepare your travel clients for vacation with these tips that will save time and help relieve stress leading up to their trip.

Once a client books, there are a few crucial steps you should take in order to best prepare travel clients for vacation. There are many responsibilities that come with being a travel agent, but prioritizing your client’s needs and helping them feel prepared should be your number one priority.

There is always a period between when you book a trip to when your client’s actually go on their trip. A lot can happen during that “in-between” time, and depending on the type of trip and where your clients are traveling, there are different tasks you may need to consider.

If you’re a travel agent of any sorts, you need to be sure to follow all these steps.

Advise Your Clients on What to Bring

Important Travel Documents

One of the most important things that travelers will need on their trip are travel documents. As a travel agent, it is your responsibility to inform your clients of the documents they may need. Things like passport guidelines, Visa information, birth certificates, and more may need to be brought along when traveling, so be sure to inform your clients of any required documents.

Vaccination Information

After the COVID pandemic, many countries, cruise lines, and resorts have changed the requirements for guests. Many destinations have healthy and safety guidelines set in place and vary based on location. Check with your client’s vacation spot and find out whether or not they need to be vaccinated. If they don’t, there may be extra steps that need to be taken, or even limitations that may be put in place.

And it’s not just COVID-19 vaccines. Some international destinations may require separate vaccines to protect guests and slow the spread of other harmful illnesses.

Overall, it’s important to let your clients know that this type of information changes almost daily. Do your best to keep them updated, but inform them of the importance to double-check these requirements themselves as well.

Have Strong Touchpoints to Prepare Travel Clients for Vacation

Take the Extra Step!

Wanderlust Social provides marketing materials and destination bundles filled with helpful resources for your clients. Each bundle includes things like packing lists, fact sheets, itineraries, and more.

By utilizing Wanderlust Social’s resources, you can put together a client package to send at once or throughout the weeks leading up to your client’s trip.

Each template is editable in Canva in order for you to customize the documents to your agency’s brand. You can easily add your brand’s logo, and contact information, and quickly switch out the document colors.

Wanderlust Social also provides seasonal bundles (like Fall 2022!) that can be used for your entire client base, and not just those traveling to specific destinations.

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