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How to create freedom in your business as a travel agent

Create freedom in your life and schedule as a travel agent. Shift your mindset, build a community, and work smarter with Wanderlust Social!
create freedom as a travel agent

If you’re anything like us, part of the reason you decided to become a travel agent was more freedom. You wanted freedom to create your own schedule, support yourself financially, build your own team, and maybe even freedom to travel more yourself!

For decades, men and women have dreamed about being able to ditch those hour-long work commutes for a short trip to their home office. Perhaps one of the best things about COVID (gasp! Something good about COVID, you say?!) is that it has been a catalyst to make working from home more commonplace. 

What does occupational freedom look like in 2022?

In 2022, remote work is on the rise and there’s more opportunity for occupational freedom than ever. But if you’re not running your travel business the right way, it’s easy to find more freedom replaced by more work, more stress, and more financial strain than before.

Before COVID, many of us had no choice but to make the trek to our away-from-home jobs in order to get paid. 

Now, we have Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, numerous social media platforms, and more resources than most of us could have fathomed 15 years ago. It’s truly a sight to behold – to witness this workplace and technological shift! 

Freedom as a travel agent

One of the biggest perks of being in the travel industry at this moment in time is the amount of support available to those who truly want to succeed. If you want to work from home and build a business on your own terms, it’s more than possible. 

Working from home gives a sense of freedom many, sadly, will never experience for a variety of reasons. It is not for everyone, but if you’re the kind of person who can be consistent, learn as you grow, and be willing to show up, there’s so much opportunity available. 

Deep down, every person desires the freedom to simply enjoy life. To travel as they please, eat what they want, visit family on a whim… These are some of the very reasons we should be grateful to live in such a wonderful country where we can freely go after our dreams. But, we also want to know that if a loved one needed financial help, we’d be able to step up to the plate. And, of course, at the end of the day, we all just want to be able to pay our bills, take care of our own individual worlds, and have something left over to show for all of our time and effort. 

So, how do we get there? How do we go after this dream of more

By changing our mindset. 

By digging in our heels and doing the “dirty” work. We stretch ourselves; we question ourselves; and, we make sure we are positioned around those who will keep us accountable and push us to follow our dreams – sometimes, even when we, ourselves, have forgotten them. 

By engaging in a community.

We turn to community to encourage us, sharpen us, and challenge us. This is the core of entrepreneurship, to come alongside those that have blazed the way before us, to learn from the lessons they share, and to execute the plans we make until our goals become our reality. We need each other. We cannot do it alone. 

By working smarter, not harder.

As a travel agent, we become our own administrative assistant, social media manager, marketing department, legal team, and more. When you wear so many hats, you might find yourself working around the clock. At Wanderlust Social, we encourage you to find ways to work smarter, not harder. Repurpose content across multiple platforms as you promote a travel destination or deal. Jump on new trends like Instagram Reels and TikTok by using your destination fact sheets as a script. Batch your content using our quarterly calendars instead of waking up every morning with social media posting on your to-do list.

Running a business can be overwhelming and at times, you may start to doubt yourself. We all know this firsthand. Cyndi herself was gracious enough to provide us with advice for growing a travel business and a look back at the things she would prioritize and do differently, should she start over again. Read more about her insights in our post, “Starting a successful travel business: the things I wish I knew.”

Ready for more freedom in your travel business?

If you’re tired of going it alone and are ready for a different kind of occupational freedom, then it’s time to make the decision. Have you checked out Wanderlust Social yet? It just may be the perfect answer for you. 

Wanderlust Social provides everything you need to entertain, inform, and empower you – and your potential client. 

If you’re ready to “jump on in,” would you please join us on Facebook at: We share pro tips for marketing, our victories and challenges, and love to cheer each other on. 

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