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How To Add Next-Level Calls To Action in Your Travel Content

Having calls to action in your travel content is key to bringing in quality leads for your travel business. Let's dive into how to get there.
tips for adding calls to action in your travel content

If you’ve been around social media marketing for more than a day, you already realize how important it is to stand out. They say, “content is king,” but content that converts is truly where the power lies! Anyone can put out content; in fact, many people do just that… and only that. Let’s rise above scroll-clogging, mediocre content, and create impactful, engaging content that brings in quality leads!

So how do you convert content into content that converts?

The piece that so many forget to add to their social media equation is a call to action. A call to action, or a CTA, is a piece of text added to content that inspires people to engage. If you aren’t asking viewers to do something, they won’t! It really is that simple. But let’s take it a step further: even more than just asking for something, let’s make sure the calls to action in your travel content are on-brand and will be enjoyed by your audience.

Regardless of the rest of the information you are giving in your content, we want to encourage you to work at creating unique calls to action in your travel content that works to merge your content topics with your brand. No one knows your client, or your brand, better than you do, so always keep it top of mind when creating content. So work at keeping the same tone throughout your message. If your brand is more fun and playful, or it’s more serious and luxurious, then aim to keep your calls to action in the same tone.

So, how often should you add Calls To Action in your travel content?

The answer is simple: every single piece of marketing content should have a call to action! Every single one… at least the ones you want your audience to respond to! If you don’t ask them to engage, they won’t! Types of content that should have a CTA include Facebook and Instagram posts, TikTok’s, YouTube Videos, Stories and Reels, Pinterest posts, emails, live videos, mailers… you name it. Literally any and every type of content should have some form of call to action in it.

Here’s the cool part: there are limitless options for calls to action! You may find yourself rotating though a handful of trusted call to actions, but we want to encourage you to challenge yourself to take them to the next level. The more you personalize your content, the more likely it is to resonate with you audience.

Here are a few examples of content with a great CTA:

  • “Did you know you can enjoy your own Second Breakfast in the Hobbiton Village along with your walking tour of the 12-acre movie set? You will be treated like a fine hobbit when you are offered a Southfarthing beverage in the Green Dragon Inn before sitting down to Second Breakfast in the Millhouse. Ready to set out on your own unique New Zealand journey? Our travel hobbits are ready to start planning your trip!”
  • “An elopement wedding is an intimate and romantic alternative for couples who want their destination wedding to be focused entirely on each other and the meaning of the day. A common myth is that elopement weddings are “spur of the moment.” In reality, eloping is just as planned and thought out as a traditional wedding. Did you elope? We’d love to hear about it! Share your story in the comments.”
  • “Castaway Cay, Cococay, Princess Cay, Great Stirrup Cay … every major ocean cruise line owns a piece of the Bahamas! Are you a cruiser and have a favorite? Drop it in the comments below!”
  • “The Festival Passport is your guide to all things Flower & Garden Festival and can be picked up throughout the park. Inside you will find a complete guide to the festival including food locations and menus, merchandise previews, entertainment, and more! Looking for more great tips and tricks for visiting Disney’s Flower and Garden Festival? Send us a DM and we’ll send you our custom Flower and Garden Fest content!”

Can you see how each call to action is unique, and made to fit with the rest of the content? Do you see a touch of style in each piece? A well-crafted call to action will show your expertise and value, all while drawing in your ideal clients. Keep in mind what your marketing goals are too- if you are hoping to grow your Facebook group, focus your CTAs there. If you want to introduce a new destination, and are interested in drumming up interest, try creating calls to action in your travel content that ask questions and feedback from your audience. Maybe you are starting a new promotion or contest – create call to action to draw people into it.

Use your resources wisely, but don’t forget to add a personal touch

Great content is already at your disposal as a Wanderlust Social Member. Sometimes, like with the examples above, content may already have a call to action built in. If it works for you, awesome! Chances are you will want to put your own touches on the call to action. The easiest way to do that is by adding your own CTA! Don’t overthink it. Just remember who you are trying to reach (your ideal client) and your brand voice, and then consider your topic (perhaps a destination) and marketing goals (what are you trying to accomplish with your marketing right now?). Put it all together, and you’ve got a great piece of engaging content!

Here’s one more example, with each of those things mapped out for you:

Ideal Client: Young Families

Brand Voice Fun and Playful

Topic: Disney for The Holidays

Marketing Goal: Grow Facebook group

Content: Wanderlust Social Bundle- Walt Disney World, “Castle Fireworks”

  • Another Disney tradition is catching the nighttime fireworks! There have been many iterations over the years, and they just keep getting better and better.

Call To Action: If you’re ready to see them in person, let’s connect!

Final Result:

  • Another Disney tradition is catching the nighttime fireworks! There have been many iterations over the years, and they just keep getting better and better. This holiday season, enjoy the magic of the holidays with the magic of Disney. Ready to experience them firsthand? Our Disney experts are ready to make your dreams come true!”

We’d love to hear from you! How comfortable are you adding calls to action in your travel content? Hopefully, after reading this post, you are confident to go forth and put out quality content that engages and converts. We want to challenge you to up your CTA game for the next month. Report back with your findings! Once you’ve added great calls to action, you will be amazed at how much better your content will work for you!

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