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Digital Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Marketing Guide for Travel Agents

Help prepare your travel clients for vacation with these tips that will save time and help relieve stress leading up to their trip.
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Marketing for the Thanksgiving season doesn’t have to be hard. As entrepreneurs, we often feel discouraged when sales and overall business growth doesn’t happen as quickly as we think it should. And, it can be downright disheartening to feel that you work and work and work, only to see little to “no” results! 

Zig Ziglar once said “Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”

In fact, many new entrepreneurs often give up right before their breakthroughs, simply because they do not have the right mindset and overall stamina to withstand the inevitable ebbs and flows of business. However, most successful business owners would tell those following in their footsteps that their own breakthrough came when they decided to let go of all of the worry and apprehension and, instead, settled down and “enjoyed the ride.”

Embracing gratitude when marketing for Thanksgiving

When it comes to marketing and sales, many times, growth starts to really happen when the entrepreneur truly embraces gratitude. We now live in an age where we can easily participate in “digital gratitude,” and multiple studies prove that even a modest “thanks” by email to customers can open the door to more sales. 

Digital gratitude works because it’s a nice interruption to a busy day that is sure to make your client smile. It can set you apart from your competition, and it makes people want to continue working with you. 

Some digital gratitude strategies to consider in your marketing journey are as follows:

  • Sending a digital “Thank You” card that includes a satisfaction survey.
  • Following up with customers – and suppliers – after each event/presentation and perhaps offering an added perk on their next trip.
  • Sending a “Thanks a Latte” digital gift card to past clients (or new ones, depending on your goals and marketing budget)?

Keep in mind that building relationships is more important than chasing sales. 

An old friend once told me, “If you treat the people right; the sales will come. Always focus on the people.” It may seem simple, but when you’re caught up in the daily tasks of being a business owner, it can be easy to overlook. 

Our sales success is not “owed” to us. When we start to think that way, that type of thinking can eat away at even the healthiest of mindsets. So, this holiday season, look at “thankfulness” like it’s a dessert – a perfect touch to an already-fantastic meal. 

When we’re thankful for our business, for our freedom in business, for our customers. Our gratitude keeps us from giving up on the tough days, and leads to happiness, and eventually, more productivity. Being grateful also attracts the clients we’re supposed to have, and not the ones we think we should.

Our Wanderlust Social team is beyond grateful for every one of our subscribers. Whether you’re still trying to decide to “jump all in,” have bought one bundle, or have bought all the bundles!” You are what keeps us going strong, and we extend Thanksgiving blessings to not only your business but to you and your family as well. Cheers, and Happy Marketing! 

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