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Ready to introduce your team with the Agent Spotlight Bundle?

Hey Agency Owner!

This bundle was made just for you to help you introduce your team and spotlight your talented travel agents. And it’s a little different than all the others because it’s one of our most customizable bundle yet!

You’ve probably already noticed that we included 5 sets of Canva templates. These are for your social media.

Each set includes:

  • A Facebook Post
  • An Instagram Post
  • An Instagram Carousel
  • An Instagram Story

These sets should be customized to your team. Not only can you change the fonts and colors, but also the images. 

One thing to note: The templates have multiple layers. Play around with them and make them your own.

The captions are also in sets and are a “Fill in the Blank” style. Why? Because every agency is different.

In addition to the content sets you’ll find email and blog templates, customizable postcards, and more below.

If you need any help or have questions, reach out to jO (Jay-Oh, Jennifer) at or Monica at We’re here to provide all the support you need!

Happy Marketing!
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Bonus Content

Bonus Content #1

Identifying your Agents' Unique Value Proposition

Bonus Content #2

Quarterly Survey Questions for Your Team

Bonus Content #1

Getting to Know You Survey

Bonus Content #1

Setting Up Your Team Meeting and Coaching Strategy

Marketing Materials

Email Templates

Postcard Templates

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