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5 Ideas for Instagram Reels for Travel Agents

Creating content is stressful. That's why we've created a list of reels for travel agents that require minimal time and effort.
5 Ideas for Instagram Reels as a Travel Agent

Coming up with ideas to post on social media is stressful. That’s why we’ve created this list of 5 Instagram reels ideas for travel agents to post that require minimal time and effort.

Reel Idea #1: How I’d Spend “X” Days in “X” Location

Want a fun way to engage potential clients while potentially convincing them to book a specific trip with you? Try creating a reel where you share the types of activities you’d do, what type of food you’d eat, and where you’d stay at a specific location.

To make this reel even easier, you can use the included photos from your favorite Wanderlust Social bundle in the reel and walk through what you’d do day by day.

Instagram Reel Ideas for Travel Business

Reel Idea #2: Underrated Vacation Destinations

Everyone loves going on a trip where the beaches aren’t packed full. Share some lesser-known vacation destinations with your audience by showing a compilation of at least 5 images of a destination and let people know why the location is so underrated in the post caption.

Reel Idea #3: What to Pack for a Destination

Everyone loves a good packing tip reel! Quickly show each item that you suggest your clients pack on their trip. If you need help coming up with a packing list, head to one of your trusty Wanderlust Social bundles and use the packing list for help. PRO TIP: the quicker you make this reel the better – it will encourage more engagement when people watch it more than once!

Instagram Reels Ideas for Travel Agents

Reel Idea #4: Guess the Destination

Want something that would be amazing for engagement instead? Try a “Guess the Destination” reel! Quickly flash 10 or more photos of a destination from your Wanderlust Social bundle and have your followers guess where the images are from.

BONUS: Follow up a day later with a carousel post about that destination and explain more about each image.

Reel Idea #5: 5 Reasons We Love…

You can also make a quick and easy reel using the “5 Reasons We Love “X” prompt. Share a behind-the-scenes video or a quick photo flash of 5 photos from your favorite WS bundle and put a Wanderlust Social caption with each!

We’re on a mission to make Instagram more fun as travel agents. Let us know which of these reel ideas you try, or if you have any content ideas that have performed well for you!

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